They’re not that crapThey’re not that crap


In late 2018 I bought a Harinezumi Guru camera for €40. I keep on losing the thing because it is so small. But, when I have it switched on and it has not eaten all of the battery, it is a lot of fun.

The Harinzumi (Japanese for Hedgehog’) is the size and shape of a roll of 110 Film - it is something I can put down and then lose. It eats battery and the photos are only 2 Megapixels - they are shocking compared to other images I have taken on better, easier to use and more modern technology.

But there is the beauty.

There is a digital throw-away love to these photos - my phone can take better photos than the Harinzumi yet I choose to still shoot with the Harinezumi. I am unsure why; but it is probably because I love the feeling of not quite knowing how the image will turn out, because I am kind of firing from the hip when I use it.

On my site, Körnung, I hope to share with you some of my crap pictures. I am not going to go in to why I share these crap pictures with you but suffice to say it is for fun. Alan Measles tried to explain the joy of creating something’ in a six part TV series. If he ended the series summising that you do it for personal reasons” then a knuckle dragger like myself will have a far less eloquent way of framing my efforts than the erudite Greyson Perry.

About The Name Of The Site

What does Körnung’ Mean?”

The word Körnung” literally translates as Grit” from the German language. It sums up these images. The digital camera grain of a Harinezumi image is something I cannot replicate in Photoshop.

The great thing about being willing to produce crap photography is that it frees you up to just get on and do something, anything. It’s a great procrastination beater.

One of the main rules in Anne Lamott’s book about writing, Bird by Bird, is that you have to produce a shitty first draft (her words, not mine). Ernest Hemingway said the same — the first draft of anything is shit.

So, this is my website comprising of thousands of first drafts. All for a manuscript that will never be written.